By angela, 29 February, 2024

Join us this Sunday March 3rd on LONG BEACH for CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY 2024!

Meet us at 3.00pm at the FOLD nursery on White Street, across the road from Mike’s Beef Jerky

or join us at 3:15 at Second Ramp’s parking lot and we will walk on Long Beach for a beach cleanup. 

By roland, 1 October, 2023

Great crew, sunny day.... and a huge trash haul from the beach north of Long Gully. Great work all!

By roland, 17 September, 2023

Had a great crew out today, we fixed up a coastal track section that had some damage - just down by the  where the track meets the beach. Maintaining the marked track in areas like this (especially this close to the beach) prevents "blow-outs" and the eventual widespread loss of vegetation in the foredune. We appreciate everyone that sticks  to the tracks! (as most do). Also did a beach and dune cleanup along Erringtons beach, amazing how much plastic turns up in just a week (since we were last here).

By roland, 10 September, 2023

Pretty nice day to be out in the park today. We planted out a new small coastal reveg area towards the end of Erringtons Hole track and then a track and beach clean-up. Well done crew! (also found a couple sections of damaged track fence which will be next week's project.)

By roland, 13 August, 2023

Great small crew out today, and welcome back Cath! We fixed up some dune protection posts and cable, and did a southern portion beach clean-up, lots of plastic on the beach at the moment but we made a good dent! 

By roland, 30 July, 2023

Started off with work at the nursery today, cleaning up an area where council used to keep the old main street wine-barrel planters, and weeding and combining seeding trays of Olearia axillaris (Coastal Rosemary), Myoporum Insulare (Boobiala) and Bursaria Spinosa (Christmas Bush).

By angela, 16 July, 2023

Beach cleanup at 3rd ramp and 2nd ramp: Lots of debrids from the sea scattered on the beach and mostly tangled with seaweed (ropes, bottles, 4 siringes, a tootbrus, gloves, pieces of plastic, tiny bits of plastic)

By roland, 25 June, 2023

Wet and windy weather for our beach clean-up today. But a keen crew and got the job done. Came across a dead penguin on Evans Cave beach. A rare sighting, but it's important to know they're around. Way back to the surf-bus we walked along the coastal track. Not much trash on the track this time of year, and a little protection from the wind.