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Just a quick reminder for our weeky work session tomorrow. We have ongoing nursery work as well as a clean-up & wire rope fence maintenance planned at the Gums Campground.

Meeting at the FOLD nursery at 3pm as usual, hope to see you there!




Good evening, I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend!

Just a quick reminder for our regular work session tomorrow. We've got a campground clean-up planned as well as some work around the nursery for those that are keen.

Meeting at the FOLD nursery at 3pm as usual. Hope to see you there!

With many thanks.


Good morning all,

Just a quick reminder for our regular work session this afternoon. We've got nursery work (seedling planting, weeding) and a beach clean-up if enough are keen!

Meeting at 3pm at the FOLD nursery, as usual.

With many thanks


Good evening all,

Just a quick reminder for our weekly work session tomorrow. We have dune protection fencing to install in the park and possibly a little beach clean-up (if we've got enough crew along).

Meeting at the FOLD nursery at 3pm as usual.

With many thanks!


Good morning all! I hope your holiday season is going well so far.

I know many of the group are very busy these days but just a quick note that for anyone who is keen and looking for an afternoon activity, we'll be at the nursery for our regular work session today - and either taking care of seedlings or heading out for minor track maintenance walk at Lake Eliza.

Meeting at 3pm as usual at the FOLD nursery on White st.

Thanks very much.


We are very happy to announce 
that starting tomorrow, Sunday 10th of December 
we are open to the public at 3 pm 
and we offer for sale 2 year old trees🌱🌱 at 5 dollars each

And bring your kids! 
We would love to show you around 🌱🌱 and some of our youngest members 🐤🐤 will be helping us paint new signs... you could join in the fun...

We are selling:

  • Allocasuarina verticillata also known as Drooping Sheoak: it is an ornamental species for shade or shelter. Planted en-mass an effective screen. Tolerant of coastal locations. Food source and habitat for birds.
  • Melaleuca lanceolata also known commonly as Dryland Tea Tree. This is a shrub or sometimes a small tree growing to 5 meters or so. It grows well in frontline coastal situations as well as inland, having a preference for alkaline soils.
  • Eucalyptus baxteri commonly known as Brown Stringybark, is a medium-sized tree - can grow to a height of 40 meters - endemic to the south-east of Australia.

We meet on Sundays ☀️ at 3 ☀️ at the nursery on White Street. 
Come say hello 😎 Come see what we are doing 💪 Come buy some plants 🌱🌱🌱


Another great gathering around our work table at the nursery today: we are repotting our 2-year old plants and getting them ready to sell - the little plants are sure happy to be in larger pots and eager to find a new home! Our awesome volunteers today were also able to remove the weeds from ALL our growing new seedlings in the shade house (they are truly looking happy now) and did a great job cleaning and upkeeping the nursery.  Thank you guys, for the amazing work and the great time we can spent together.

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Good morning all,

Just a quick reminder for our weekly work session tomorrow, as well as a note about our monthly admin meeting below.

Sunday Dec 3rd @ 3pm – regular work session

The nursery work is really picking up and we've made some great progress with seedling trays and potting trees for the coming year. Tomorrow, we’ll continue on with nursery work and, for those interested, we’ll head out for a beach or track clean-up! Meeting at the FOLD nursery at 3pm and go from there.

Thursday Dec 7th @ 11am – projects & admin meeting

Thanks to everyone that sent in their day/time preferences (we had 8 responses) for our new monthly projects and admin meetings. This first meeting will be at the Robe Library at 11am on Thursday, Dec 7th (with following meetings the first Thursday of each month @ the same time). Please let me know if you’re planning to attend so I can make sure we have seats organized!

Hope to see you this week.

With many thanks.


The new posters of Friends of Little Dip are out! 

New poster

Today we split into two groups: one group did a great job fixing the fence on part of the coastal track and another group kept the work at the nursery going.  Another fabulous day spent together caring for our conservation park and our plants! Thank you all! 

track on park , volunteers in the park , volunteers in the nursery , plant